About Us

About Us

Smart Beginners Preschool opened in February of 2017, SBP is a fully bilingual preschool committed to creating a community of motivated learners on an individualized basis. 

We are part of the international VESS  Network, and we use the world-renowned VESS Model to nurture individuals with the necessary skills and habits of mind to live meaningful lives with balance and wisdom.


We are part of Edu1st.Preschools, a family of 6 Early Learning Centers located in South Florida that go beyond providing a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for autonomous learners between the ages of 3 months and 5 years. 

Our schools live within a Culture of Thinking. Every aspect, from the Physical Environment, the Language our educators use, to the learning opportunities we create, is carefully crafted to engage curious minds in awing experiences that lead them to want to know more and to think deeply. We bring the world into the classroom, nurturing life-long curiosity and cultivating children’s innate love for learning.


Edu1st is a pioneering organization created in the United States in 2000 that seeks, with integrity and passion, to transform education by promoting a lasting Culture of Thinking. To achieve this purpose, Edu1st created and developed the VESS Model, a model of institutional transformation that is being implemented in many educational institutions around the world.

The VESS Model

VESS is a pioneering, eclectic, and holistic model that harmoniously integrates different strategies, approaches, and methodologies with the Thinking as a Pedagogical Strategy (PEP) methodology. VESS seeks to develop individuals who lead meaningful lives, with balance and wisdom.

It is a model that aims to go beyond the classroom to transform societies through the consolidation of a lasting Culture of Thinking.

The VESS International Network

We are an Edu1st.Preschool and part of the VESS International Network. This means we are part of a global educational institution network, integrated for more than a hundred schools in 7 countries. Whose purpose is to incorporate the latest global educational trends and apply them into our schools, a Culture of Thinking that lasts, developing individuals who will be prepared for the challenges of the current world and future.

Our Core Values

Edu1st.Preschools are driven by unifying values: We live and breathe them always inside the schools, with our families and the community.

Commit to amazing service by empowering yourself to make a difference and deliver unique and remarkable experiences

The transparency of your actions with integrity, honesty, and kindness, is the foundation to build trust and achieve balance

Our purpose drives our passion and inspires the way we live, when we share our passion, our happinness and satisfaction is multiplied

Pursue excellence, be proactive adding value and responsability to your actions to grow and move forward

Constantly look for new and better ways to nurture curiosity, empower fun, creative learning, and innovation. Be the leader of new

Enjoying what we do with a positive attitude is contagious. Its boosts productivity and brings happiness and fun to everything we do and everyone around us

Build open honest relationships by listening, considering perspectives, skeaking transparently, and making contributions to a common goal

We are team that support and trust each other. We have the  back of the people around us and we work together to achieve great things and have fun in the process

Our Team

We’re delighted that you’ve decided to explore Smart Beginners Preschool. We understand that looking for the right school is an important decision.