Parents Reviews

  • October 2018
    We are very happy with Smart Beginners in Hallandale. The administration, staff, teachers have been amazing since day one. Their compassion, understanding, and valuable educational training has been an asset to our family and our children's needs. We are very happy! We are grateful for their love and dedication.

    - Veronica Van Derdys
  • September 2018
    Smart beginners preschool feels like a second home to my daughter and me!

    - SBP Parent
  • September 2018 

    It's still early in the school year, but currently there's been a big focus in the VPK class of learning about Latin American and European cultures, which I appreciate, however I hope and would like to ask the school to also consider having lesson plans on African and Caribbean countries. Both cultures are heavily represented in South Florida and I think it would be beneficial to expose the kids to these cultures.

    - SBP Parent

  • September 2018
    Me encanta smartbeginners. Me siento que mis hijos sin queridos y amados en la escuela. Y yo como madre me siento feliz
    - SBP Parent
  • September 2018

    My 6 month old son is very happy at the school i can see it in his face every time i pick him up and this makes me feel very happy and at ease. Thank you teachers.

    - SBP Parent
  • April 2018
    Overall I've had a very good experience with the school. My son has been enrolled in SBP since he was 7 months and I have had a great experience with all of the teachers (Ms. Marta, Ms. Margarita, Ms. Luz and Ms. Adriana), I trust them all and know that my son is in good hands. Also, the school director Mrs Claudia is excellent, she is so attentive, dedicated and always willing to help, I can only say the best things about her.
    - SBP Parent
  • June 2018

    Good morning Ms Claudia, I would like to thank you, Ms Ximena and all the staff of Smart Beginners preschool for a great school year and an amazing end of the year show! A special thank you to Ms Tatiana and Ms Orietta. Lorenzo loves them so much and we are going to miss them a lot. We enjoyed the end of the year show and graduation ceremony; everything was so well prepared and organized. Of course we loved seeing Lorenzo dancing the tarantella!!! We are in Italy now for the summer. Both Lorenzo and my daughter Beatrice enjoyed to partecipate to the summer camp last Friday. Thank you for everything. Kind regards

    -Luisa Castelli

  • December 2017

    My son is 3 1/2 years old. Smart Beginners in Hallandale has introduced Connor to education, structure and routine. Smart Beginners follows an internationally recognized curriculum (Edu1st.VESS Educational Model), where developmental skills are incorporated such as thinking creativity, innovation, team building and most importantly the visual thinking approach which is a model practiced from Harvard University that incorporates critical thinking routines (thinking as a pedagogical strategy), concept maps, powerful documentation and philosophy for children. Connor is very happy at school, and his teacher Ms. Claudia is a blessing. She is very attentive caring and interested in his well being. I am very grateful for her. Every week there is a special activity where dancers, or coaches, or painters interact with the children. Every month, the school's curriculum focuses on a different country, and it's culture, along with different artists. With diagrams, they compare these country's differences and similarities. I am honored and very happy to have found such a great educational system for my son. I recommend Smart Beginners to any parent looking to excel their child from a young age.

    -Sarah Hassanain

  • December 2017

    I want to express my gratitude to the staff of Smart Beginners Preschool for the great job and environment they are providing to my son Lorenzo. He is learning and growing both academically and personally. I particularly enjoy the various activities and subjects presented for each month. Lorenzo always comes home enthusiastic about his school and is proud to share with his family what he learns. He especially enjoyed the space and planets lessons and projects. Ms. Mayelin and Ms. Tatiana are amazing!!! Thank you also to Ms. Orietta. It's good to see Ms Mayelin at the office as well. She is always ready to provide you with infos and answers to the questions about administrative stuff. Thank you. Kind regards,

    -Luisa Castelli

  • December 2016

    Fantastic School! This has become part of our family. Since I was pregnant I search and search and I was so happy I found FSIA. The staff are so professional and warm. Everyone in the school know my son by his first name, and they are always going out of their way to make my son enjoy coming to school. He even is sad on weekends as there is no school. Their bilingual program is like no other, they truly teach in both languages and enjoy the different activities done at the school and classroom. You will not go wrong on attending this school is simply the BEST !

    -Rosaura du toit

  • June 2016

    I think is is a very good educational model for my child because it has helped my child understand new thig in a fun, creative way

    Barbara Gallucci

  • June 2016

    We daily leave in your hands the most important thing we have in our life. So seen the love you provide them day by day and their smiles when going to school has no price, thanks for the great work!!!

    -Leopoldo Franco

  • June 2016

    Very thankful for helping my family. I have two children with special needs. Both were welcomed into the school and allow them to adapted on their own terms. Very please.

    -Maria Carolina Ramon

  • January 2016

    Son excelentes en todo el sentidos de la palabra, calidad humana , profesionalismo y dedicación. He sido más que bendecida, papa nos pone en los lugares propicios al momento divino de el.

    -Milagros Cardona

  • January 2016

    The school has encourage both of my children in their social and intelecual skills. Marvelous and outstanding.

    -Maria Ramon

  • March 2014

    I have great regards to all who have been part of Isabella´s life, as well as mine. I really love the personal, loving, supportive touch everyone has provided during her schooling here. Words can not express my gratitude. She is now a very outgoing smart little girl vs the shy reserved one.


  • March 2014

    Hello. I was so happy to attend this morning's storytelling with my 21 month old son, Luke. As a teacher myself for over 12 years, I am always critical of the programs I attend. I have nothing but complements about our experience with your teacher (I can't remember her name) and the two students Valentina and Lucas. We started off in what looked like a library. My son, who is usually very reserved and clingy even at familiar locations, was immediately drawn to the child sized chairs and book shelves. He made himself at home with a book at one of the tables while we waited for the teacher to arrive. When she arrived, she introduced herself, and so did the children. I was very impressed with their verbal ability, social skills and complex thinking which occurred throughout the 45 minutes. We then went to the terrace to read the story and paint. The teacher was very receptive to all four children regardless of their questions or comments. I could tell the lesson was not going as planned and the teacher adapted and eventually ended the activity to go wash up. The teacher's classroom in which we entered (I believe it was PreK5), was so sweet. I can tell there is a nice camaraderie between the teachers and that they both genuinely care for the children. She helped the children get washed up while her children got ready on the mat. We then played with the manipulative for about 10 minutes until it was time to go. At all times I felt welcomed by the teachers and by the students (including the one's in PreK5). I look forward to participating in the storytelling program again in the future.


  • December 2013

    It was nice and clean, the instructor Tatiana was very nice and cheerful. I recommend this group to moms looking to interact with there babies.

    -Marsha (Mommy & Me Program)

  • December 2013

    It was excellent! My baby had so much fun, cant wait for the next class

    -Viviana (Mommy & Me Program)

  • September 2018

    Amazing staff and curriculum.

    - Carlos Ore

Google Reviews

  • vip kids googleuserC Va (23/07/2018)

    We’ve been at Smart Beginners for a year and we absolutely love it! Our family has gone through many changes and their team has always been ready and efficient to provide us with options, support and overall love. My children are happy, well taken care of and most importantly, we feel at ease when leaving them at school. I never really had that feeling of peace from an educational institution. North Miami is full of little schools, but not one school ever gave us this feeling of transparency and genuine care. The teachers are involved and loving. The toddler teacher, Ms. Adriana is heaven’s sent. Amazing talent and just wonderful with babies. She adapts to their every need with ease. She communicates efficiently and you can see the love she has for the little ones. The rest of the teachers are wonderful too. Ms. Margarita, in the baby class, is very special. One the most patient and sweetest teacher you’ll ever meet. The way she treats kids is heart warming. Amazing human being. In general, all teachers make a positive contribution and make a difference in the educational experience. The administration is packed with professionals in the field who are all certified. Ms. Claudia, director, and Ms. Ximena, sub director, are well-organized, educated, efficient and treat parents with respect and love. I truly feel like we joined a family. Their open door policy allows parents to interact and share educational experiences with their children, and their many activities keep us engaged in the day to day routine. Their way of managing emergencies is well thought and responsible and their rules are followed. This school welcomes all children and families from all walks of life. Children with learning disabilities, sensory sensitivities, and even children who are being immersed in our south Floridian culture for the first time. All teachers bring something to the table and they all do it with love. We are greatly blessed with this institution. Overall- Well located, security provided, strict curriculum, reasonably priced, loving teachers, great administration relationship, transparency, a family environment. Tons of fun things for the kiddos and even an after hours day care for parents night out. A couple of things that could be better- Carpeted areas are in need of an update. Lunch is not provided with tuition fees; you have to provide it or pay additional to get lunch for your children. I wholeheartedly recommend this preschool! I’m a picky, manic, hygiene crazy, working, busy mom and I approve Smart Beginners in Hallandale because after experiencing the bad in north Miami, I was blessed to found the best with them!

  • vip kids googleuserCarito Ramírez (09/17/2018)

    Estoy muy feliz con este lugar! Oramos mucho con mi esposo para encontrar un sitio amoroso y que traten a nuestra hija con mucho Respeto y cuidado, Dios respondió nuestras oraciones, puedo dejar a mi pequeña (4 meses )tranquila por que se q está en las mejores manos. Un abrazo a miss Luz, miss Margarita que Dios les de sabiduría cada día en esta bella labor.

  • vip kids googleuser Google user (8/16/2018)

    Miss Margarita and Miss Luz are the best! I wish my little one could stay in their class forever! I feel so comfortable leaving my daughter there because I know she is in the best care and very well taken care of. It's a great place - you feel at home there! My little one loves going to school there and comes home smiling! Miss Claudia is great and makes sure all the children are in a safe environment and that the parents are happy with their services.

  • vip kids googleuser Roberto Bendeck (07/18/2018)
    Both my kids are extremely happy at this school and so am I. They have been learning and developing quickly and I can see it in their out-of school relationships and the conversations they hold. I highly recommend the school.

  • vip kids googleuser Ana Clara Nanni (5/31/2018)

    MIs hijos de 1 y 3 años comenzaron en Abril a asistir a Smart Begginers y no puedo estar más contenta con los resultados. Sus maestras son muy cariñosas y comprensivas, Mariana, Sophy y Elizabeth. Ellos van contentos y eso es lo más importante, pasan un buen momento allí mientras aprenden y se desarrollan, tanto en inglés cómo español. Cathy la secretaria es muy atenta y bien predispuesta, lo mismo q Miriam la directora. Insisto, fue una excelente decisión este daycare.

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