Schedule a Tour

Schedule a tour

This is an important decision, and it is worth spending all the time you need to look for the perfect school for your child and family. We cordially invite you to schedule an in-person or virtual tour.

You will be able to observe the classrooms, learn more about “VESS” (our educational model) and talk to the director.

In-Person Tour

If you want to schedule an in-person tour, please fill out this form, selecting the best time of your convenience. We will be waiting for you at the school to demonstrate our commitment to excellence within our program, facilities, and staff.

Virtual Tour

If you want to schedule a virtual tour, please contact the school directly to coordinate the tour at the best time convenient for both parties. The school will call you, and we will show you our facilities through zoom or facetime, as you prefer. Feel free to call us.

Schedule an in-Person Tour

Know Us

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For a great overview of our environment, classrooms, curriculum and amazing VESS culture, check out our social media links and have a sneak peek of our daily day. We know you’ll come running right in after you see us in action!

See our virtual tour; you can have a quick look at our facilities.